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Annual medical exams are essential to keep your pet healthy. During the annual exam, Dr. Toma will track your pet's health through weight, heart, blood work , lungs, visual, and physical inspection. His trained eye and touch can identify potential medical problems you may not be aware of. Annual exams may minimize some health issues later in your dog or cat's life and having a base line record of your pet's health information may save critical time and money when an emergency occurs.


Vaccinations are a critical factor in the ongoing maintenance of your cat or dog's health. Vaccines keep your dog or cat healthy and protect your pet from other dogs or cats that might have a communicable disease, such as rabies.

Flea and Tick Control

Flea and tick control is an important issue in South Florida. We will check for fleas and will recommend the appropriate flea preventative for your dog or cat's lifestyle. In order to provide your pet with the latest advancements in flea and tick prevention. It is most important to try to keep your pet free of fleas before an infestation takes control of your dog or cat, and your living areas.


Heartworm is a disease that is totally preventable. During your annual medical exam, we will test your pet and recommend an appropriate heartworm preventative based on your pet's lifestyle. It is very important to be vigilant on your heartworm preventative and to administer it to your pet each month. Our pharmacy carries only the safest heartworm preventatives for your pet.

Parasite Prevention

Parasite prevention is also very much a part of a wellness maintenance program. In your exam we will sample for any parasite present. if anything is seen we can prescribe something to relieve your pet of these pesky parasites. Without testing, your pet may suffer without you knowing it.


Hospitalization is available if your pet needs to be monitored or medically treated by us. It may be post operative, for observation, quarantine, or safety but we will make sure your cat or dog is in a safe environment to help your pet's full recovery.

Preventative Care

Preventative Care: We love your aging companions and want their senior years to be as healthy and happy as possible. As your pet reaches the golden years, there are a variety of conditions and diseases that they can face, including weight and mobility changes; osteoarthritis; kidney, heart, and liver disease; tumors and cancers; organ failure and hormone disorders such as diabetes and thyroid imbalance. We offer senior pet care for pets to keep your senior pet at his/her healthy best. Our programs include, depending upon your pet's breed and health status, comprehensive blood work (CBC chemistry panel, thyroid test), urine test, chest and abdominal x-ray to screen for cancer.

On-Site Diagnostics

On-Site Diagnostics: Our in-house laboratory and X-ray equipment give Dr. Toma the tools to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis for your pet.

Health Certificates

Health Certificates: Veterinary Health Certificates are required by airlines if you want to fly with your pet and are necessary for the sale of an animal. Jog Lantana Animal Clinic can provide these for you. It is a service we are happy to provide to our clients.

International Health Certificates are also available.

Nutrition and Dietary Counseling

Nutrition and Dietary Counseling: It is important to your pet's health to keep your pet at a healthy weight. We will assist you in selecting the proper food for your dog or cat and discuss with you the appropriate feeding schedule.

On-Site Pharmacy

On-Site Pharmacy: Our on-site pharmacy is fully stocked for your convenience. We carry only the safest heartworm and flea and tick control preventatives your pets. We stock medications and products needed for wellness care, critical care, emergency situations and the best products to manage ear infections, airborne allergies, heartworm, fleas, intestinal worms and chronic medical conditions. We also carry lines of prescription foods (Royal Canin and Hills) to meet the special nutritional needs of your dog or cat.


Microchipping: Every year millions of pets are lost and can be reunited with their family if they are found. We strongly recommend microchipping all animals. In the event they are separated from you, it may be your only means of being reunited with them. A microchip is your pet's permanent ID.

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Puppy & Kitten Packages

Everyone here at Jog Lantana Animal Clinic knows how expensive having a new puppy or a kitten can be. We have puppy and kitten packages that can help you out. Click here to read more about the puppy and kitten packages.

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Annual medical exams are essential to keep your pet healthy. During the annual exam, Dr. Toma will track your pet's health through weight, heart, blood work , lungs, visual, and physical inspection. His trained eye and touch can identify potential medical problems you may not be aware of. Click here to learn more about our services.

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